Our services

Offering a comprehensive website and literary service, including website design, publishing, hosting and professional copy editing. Specialising in exercise support in the corporate environment.

Web services

Our web services are very competitively priced, specialising in small bespoke websites to promote your business or club.

We also offer services for the corporate environment; we specialise in supporting exercises, which some parts of our business world are mandated to carry out on a timetable.

3od can supply web portals, giving a faux media environment to support the exercise story line, with the added bonus of social media sites that are fully interactive with exercising players. We offer two social media sites, one with Twitter functionality, the other one with Facebook functionality. At all times, your confidentiality is assured.

Copy editing

We also offer a personal copy editing and proofreading service. Whether you are a student completing your thesis or a writer of novels, we are able to copy edit and/or proofread your work at a competitive price. Time frames for completing the work will be agreed upon at the start.

As an added bonus, all our websites will be copy checked and amended as necessary before publishing; this is included in the price.

We will alway keep your written work secure and no one without your express permission will have access to it. Your confidentiality is a high priority to us. Please contact us for further details.

Exercise and simulation support

At a very reasonable rate we offer online media support for any form of simulation or exercise support. Offering real time updated websites as your scenario moves forward making sure that trigger points can be met. These supporting websites could include news, weather, protagonist or just general information to help the players, as well as faux Facebook and Twitter clients if needed. Sites will be able to be undated, real time by the exercise staff.

Small business support package

We also offer a small business support package, aimed directly at sole traders and small establishments. Offering advice and technical knowledge so your day to day running goes smoothly.

Packages are very much bespoke, so please contact us and we will be able to discuss your needs.