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Proofreading is the final quality check before your document is submitted for marking or publication. Even if your document is not language-related (e.g. a linguistic analysis), inconsistencies in style, grammar, layout etc. can negatively bias your reader and create the – perhaps unconscious – impression that the quality of your contents is not excellent. Our aim at 3od is to polish your document to the highest standard using your guidelines and any house-style rules you provide us with, thus letting your content shine and optimising the impression on your readers.


We have over a decade’s experience in the UK education system and we are familiar with its processes, having collaborated with academics and non-academic staff and students alike on various projects. We specialise in editing and proofreading journal articles and student work and we are particularly interested in non-native English texts, although work produced by native speakers is equally welcome. We will polish your text to the highest standard following your university or publication guidelines. We will improve spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as clarity and flow of sentences and coherence of arguments. We will check tables, contents, captions etc. to ensure accuracy. We will tackle those often frustrating references and ensure you are using a consistent style.


We also proofread non-academic materials such as CVs, letters, papers, blogs, articles as per your guidelines or your company's house style. We are particularly experienced in corporate documentation.

Minutes of meetings, although an extremely useful record of discussions and actions, are nevertheless often seen as an uninspired task. At 3od we have over 1500 hours of taking minutes, editing minutes and training others in minute taking and summarising and we can proofread your work in order to improve flow and summary in addition to spelling, punctuation and grammar.

House-style guideline writing

If your company does not have its own writing style guidelines we can create them for you; this way, you can ensure a future consistent writing style by all your employees or collaborators.